Resources on Vaping: Latest Vaping Information & Updates

This page serves as a feed of the latest resources to stay educated as we continue to learn more about vaping and its effects on the body.

Updated Every Thursday – CDC – Latest Outbreak Information on Vaping

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been covering the vape-related injuries and providing frequent updates on this information page.


Dec 6th – CDC – Product Use Stats of Patients with Vaping Related Injuries

This report from the CDC highlights the characteristics of the products used by patients of recent vaping-related injuries, including mentioning Dank Vapes, TKO, Smart Carts and Rove as the most common vape brands linked to the injuries.


Nov 8th – CDC – Vitamin E Acetate Found in all 29 Patient Samples Tested by CDC

This report from the CDC highlights findings from their lab tests which reveal that Vitamin E Acetate is the common thread found in the patients’ lung samples. 


Nov 8th – FDA – FDA Preliminary Lab Analysis

This report from FDA highlights the lab analysis of vape products collected by FDA, noting that most samples contain THC and many contain Vitamin E Acetate as an additive.


Public Health Law Center – Details on State Bans for E-Cigarettes

This report from the Public Health Law Center details each of the individual state bans on e-cigarettes and flavored liquids. 


CannaSafe – Lab Report – Vapes: What are you actually inhaling?

This report from CannaSafe highlights findings from their test of 13 vape products, in which they found dangers with various additives like Vitamin E and potential contaminants when higher vape temperatures were used.


Oct 25th – CDC – New CDC Report Provides First Analysis of Lung Injury Deaths Associated with Use of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Products

This press release from the CDC notes that most (84%) of the patients with lung injuries from vaping had used products with THC, while a fewer number (37%) had used nicotine products.


Oct 2nd – PRNewswire – CannaSafe to Provide Vitamin E Additive Testing for California Companies

This press release from CannaSafe highlights the adoption of Vitamin E testing by many labs for legal vaping products. 


Sept 27th – NBC News – Tests show bootleg marijuana vapes tainted

This report from NBC highlights the relation of black market marijuana vapes with dangerous pesticides like hydrogen cyanide, which was found in 10 out of 10 products tested.


Headset – California’s Best Selling Vapor Pens

This report from Headset shows the top selling cannabis vape products in California.


Headset – Nevada’s Best Selling Vapor Pens

This report from Headset shows the top selling cannabis vape products in Nevada.


CDC – Economic Trends in Tobacco

This report from the CDC highlights important economic trends in the tobacco industry, including the number of cigarettes sold and annual sales figures for tobacco companies.


CDC – Smoking & Tobacco Use Facts

This report from the CDC highlights major facts related to smoking and tobacco use.


Sept 11 – Leafly – What exactly is vitamin E oil?

This in-depth write up from Leafly details what Vitamin E is and how it played a key role in the vaping injuries.


Sept 25th – Altria – Altria Executive Replaces Juul CEO

This press release from Altria highlights an important shift in executive management, as an Altria executive is replacing the current Juul CEO in the wake of the recent vaping injuries. 


Dec 2018 – Altria – Altria Makes $12.8 Billion Minority Investment in JUUL

This press release from Altria highlights their recent investment in Juul, which represents a 35% stake in the vaping company.


1999 – Tobacco Master Service Agreement

This documentation of the Tobacco Master Service Agreement details the agreement between the States and the Big Tobacco manufacturers.


Wikipedia – Tobacco Master Service Agreement

This Wiki page of the Tobacco Master Service Agreement provides a detailed background of the agreement and highlights the major parts of the settlement.

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